• eBPF-based


    Sweet’s eBPF-based sensor installs in under 5 minutes to identify all of your cloud risks in runtime, and at unmatched costs

  • Application

    Sweet’s behavioral baseline enables security teams to discover and understand what’s normal and what’s not, cutting through the noise to active risks.

  • Full Context,
    Minimal Noise

    Sweet’s runtime presence and baseline-centric approach grants you a clear understanding of attack events, loaded vulnerabilities, and more.

Sweet helps security teams address cloud risks that matter, when they unfold.

Sweet profiles “normal” behaviors and points anomalies across
Incidents, Vulnerabilities, Posture, and Non-Human Identities.

Detection & Response



Non-Human Identities

Runtime Detection
and Response

Cut investigation time from hours to minutes. Sweet’s baseline-guided sensor detects critical anomalies and assembles a full attack story, providing full damage assessment, remediation recommendations, and proactive remediation options.

Runtime Vulnerability Management

Cut your CVEs by 99%! Sweet provides game-changing runtime insights such as loaded files and external communication paths, enabling you an effective management of vulnerabilities. Our runtime vulnerability management also identifies relevant stakeholders.

Runtime Posture Enhancement

Fix critical misconfigurations and harden your environment with runtime insights such as assets used out of their defined place and open ports that are not in use.

Non-Human Identities Management

Using its novel sensor-based technology and Layer 7 capabilities, Sweet’s behavioral analysis reveals which machine was the origin of a chain of actions, and for what purpose.

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Sweet offers SOC, IR, DevSecOps, and AppSec teams a wide array of integrations across SIEMs, SOARs, alerting and ticketing systems.

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