The Cloud Runtime
Security Suite

Sweet’s Cloud Runtime Security Suite provides robust defenses across all attack stages. From Detection & Response, to Discovery and Prioritization, its runtime sensor takes under five minutes to deploy, immediately providing cloud-native cluster visibility. Ingesting all workload related data, Sweet streams only key application data and relevant business logic to its servers, and uses an innovative framework to profile workload behavior anomalies and contextualize them with traditional TTPs.

5 Mins

Easy deployment, using efficient eBPF technology

5 Elements

Establish a behavioral baseline with runtime insights

Auto Learning

Technology studies customers’ specific environments



See all cloud workloads’ assets, their real-time connections and relevant meta-data.


Detect and Respond

Understand, at a glance, how the attack is unfolding. Sweet profiles workload behaviors and contextualizes them through traditional TTPs.

Quickly understand the attack and choose your desired level of response automation.

  • Full damage assessment
  • ‘Impact Prediction’ analysis



Cut your CVEs by 92%! Act upon 10s of CVEs instead of 1000s, enjoying full runtime insights with Sweet.