The cloud has its own rules

The cloud has its own rules

In a perfect world all cloud attacks would map into rules.

In the real world, attackers are opportunistically paving their way through your cloud infrastructure while runtime risks are on the rise.

Get your “boots on the cloud” with Sweet’s patent-pending, eBPF-based sensor to establish your organizational baseline for what’s normal. Receive critical runtime insights that augment operations across the entire cloud security stack.

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  • Focus on Active
    Cloud Risks

    Sweet’s dynamic profiling finds runtime anomalies, allowing you to address live cloud risks.

  • Light as a

    eBPF-based sensor serves deep, real-time insights, without performance or costs drawbacks.

  • Exceptional Cloud

    Find zero-day cloud attacks in real-time, get actionable attack stories and minimal noise.

Learn how to address active cloud risks

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“Attacks against cloud workloads are only going to increase in frequency and sophistication. The industry needs comprehensive security solutions to face them and Sweet is driving this shift with its extraordinary vision and expertise.” 
Srinath Kuruvadi Managing Director, Head of Cloud Security

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